Advances in Relational Psychotherapy

Learning Objectives
  1. To be able describe the 2 concepts of 'an intersubjective process' and 'co-creation of meaning'
  2. To be able to discuss and problematize the value of egalitarianism in relational psychotherapy
  3. To be able outline how relational psychoanalysis grew out of earlier therapeutic schools of thought, and cite a minimum of 2 examples
  4. To be able to evaluate the work of at least 3 major relational theorists' understanding of impasses, and ruptures in the therapeutic relationship
  5. To be able to evaluate the extent to which an understanding of past relational trauma provides access to a patient's behaviour in therapy, and outline 2 examples of this
  6. To be able to consider the extent to which enactments between therapist and patient may be influenced by the therapist's own relational history, and relate this idea to 2 examples from your own clinical experience
  7. To be able to describe and discuss the key relational concept of "The Third" that was developed by Jessica Benjamin
  8. To be able to discuss how Relational Psychoanalysis may have grown out of the radical movements of the 1960s and 1970s.