Neurobiology and its Applications to Psychotherapy - II

Learning Objectives
  1. To be able to describe the inflammatory process as a response to stress, and to outline at least 2 impacts on the systems of the body (autonomic nervous system, HPA axis, neuroendocrinology)
  2. To be able to explain human vulnerability to stress and distinguish developmental factors from adult experiences
  3. To further understand the interaction between emotion and physiology and to be able to discuss at least 2 current theories on the relationship between the mind and physiology
  4. To be able to explain recent findings on the relationship between diet and the inflammatory response, and cite 3-4 links
  5. To explain the relationship between stress and immunity
  6. To be able elaborate the concept of somatised trauma
  7. To be able to understand and explain the concept of epigenetic change and distinguish this from DNA mutation