Neurobiology and its Applications to Psychotherapy

Learning Objectives
  1. To be able to distinguish and describe at least 2 areas of neurobiology research where it is applicable to psychological therapies.
  2. To be able to explain and discuss the historical development of neurobiology as a science, and describe at least 3 ways such knowledge informs psychological processes.
  3. To list 4 neurobiological features of the peripheral nervous system that relate to emotional and relational regulation and dysregulation
  4. To analyse how these features can be related to a) anxiety, b) PTSD, and c) depression
  5. To list 2 developmental issues that impact on neurobiological functioning.
  6. To be able to apply applying neurobiology to your own treatment strategies.
  7. To describe 3 principle differences between the functions of the right and left hemispheres of the brain
  8. To list Jaak Pansepp's 7 Core Emotional Processes in the mammalian brain, and their underlying neurotransmitters